I know a few people who went to the MCA to see Yoko Ono’s exhibition “War is Over (if you want it)”. I have no idea what they thought about it simply because I did not bother asking. I was not very interested so I decided to find out more about it.

One of the reasons was because some of them took the exact same picture, the bottles almost full with water with tags on it with names of people like Hitler.

It is hard to discuss art because art will read different to everyone. “We are all water”, said a comment, and I Google it to find something that surprised me but only because I never bothered to learn anything about Yoko Ono. It is this beautiful song that pretty much places us all in the same page, “We’re all water from different rivers/ That’s why it’s so easy to meet/ We’re all water in this vast, vast ocean/ Someday we’ll evaporate together“. We are all the same, people.

Another common picture was this puzzle “Pieces of Sky”, and the name makes it quite clear, it is a puzzle of the sky.

It is interesting to see that even art being something so personal to each one, even meaning something different to everyone, how different people, with no connection at all (except for myself) find themselves connecting through the exact same photos.

Yoko Ono is someone I could not know less about it but know I want to learn more about her work.

Exhibitions like this one, where you have not one single kind of art expression, have become more common. Things like videos, conversations, puzzles, note writing etc. are often seen these days. You would think that this freedom would have been an “all the time” way of putting together an art exhibition but as free as an artist can be the world had to evolve in a way people can now relate to this changes, this participatory ways to make art. And isn’t this great? Anyone can be part of art expressions.

The one thing that caught my attention the most and no one I know took a photo of it was the wish tree. It is a simple thing, you write your peace wish in a piece of paper and tie it to the tree. She has been doing this for a long time and has collected over a million wishes.

I missed my chance to see this exhibit and I wish I didn’t, so if you go or been there already, let me know your thoughts.



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