And while you get ready for Mardi Gras, here, at the other side of the world, we are getting ready for ‘Carnaval’.

In case you don’t know much about it, in Brazil, Carnival is celebrated on a Tuesday, so we do not work on the Monday before and there is some excuse for only go back to work on Wednesday after lunch time. Sounds good, I love the holiday, but not big on the whole celebration thing. Nevertheless, it is the biggest thing around here, it is also the second thing people know Brazil’s for (after soccer).

So this happens all over the country. The parties are starting earlier every time. Even in São Paulo, a ‘business’ city now managed to have this street carnival celebrations before the actual holiday.

The ‘blocos’ are the original kind of carnival celebrations where the musical groups and their drum go around the streets playing music and being followed by whoever wants to follow them dancing and having fun. They can also be on top of a kind of truck, where its top becomes a stage.

I even heard that, instead of the ‘marchinhas’ (how the original carnival music is called) there is even ‘blocos’ playing the Beatles!

On the weekend the big parades starts to happen. In São Paulo the main group (like an A series) parade on Friday and Saturday. Sunday and Monday Rio de Janeiro has its own one. They are pretty cool to watch if you pay attention, I mean these are groups of 4 thousand people for each ‘school’, wearing different costumes. They are divided in sections and each one is meant to represent a part of their plot. Everything has to fit the song, every move, even the drum has this part where they kind of park, and is all very difficult because there cannot be an empty space between sections.

It is very interesting if you stop to think about it, and there are certainly some great talents there, it is a shame though that all that matters to the world is the almost naked bodies of women who have done many plastic surgery to look like I don’t know what.

But, in case you ever want to come to Brazil, check out the carnival celebrations in Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais or Salvador, in Bahia. They are both a bit different from the big ones, and they are huge, but they seem to be more fun if you are up to really go out dancing around a lot of people.

Unfortunately I could not find a link in English but I am sure that next year there will be plenty showing up again (everything is sold out at the moment), But I give you another tip, if you know someone in Brazil, or someone that can speak Portuguese ask this person to help you cause tickets are sold at a much higher price in websites made for foreigners.

So keep that in mind, go to Youtube to search some videos to have an idea of how are all these things I talked about. And have fun!

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