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The king and I

As things are very busy at the moment, and I thought a good feature about the musical would be the best thing now, here is a good piece written about the show. Enjoy!   Written by Marika Bryant Tuesday, 22 April 2014 Prayer chimes, incense […]

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Crowdfunding arts

We were trying to decide what I was going to talk about next, because as much as I love to talk about food you probably had enough already. The Hayes Theatre Co was the selected topic, and I am quite happy about it because I […]

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A wish tree, isn’t it all you ever wanted?

I know a few people who went to the MCA to see Yoko Ono’s exhibition “War is Over (if you want it)”. I have no idea what they thought about it simply because I did not bother asking. I was not very interested so I […]

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