World leaders have been forever trying to masquerade the conflicts they create. The Internet may have made this a little harder for them, but it does not mean they stopped trying to hide. Worse than trying to hide is the ability that presidents, prime ministers and other leaders have to make us believe things are different from what we see.

The world is at war. It has always been.

History is full of war “heroes”. What is so heroic about killing people in the name of a country or a god, all for land and petrol that are not going to the people?

There are many ways to be at war, they give it different names but if you waste five minutes thinking about it you will realize that there was not a time without war. And it seems like people noted that, finally, and are all over going to the streets and protesting for better. But is it enough?

The only power people seem to really have is the vote. But why do we always end up disappointed? Do we like to believe it is going to be different or do we just get fooled every single time?

Obama, the American leader of a country against communism was going to shut Guantanamo down, that prison placed at the communist Cuba. An American territory within Cuba. And then Julian Assange is transformed into a villain because he gives the world information about secret actions from the U.S. Assange, Snowden, Manning are just a few of many threats to the tyrants who we choose to represent us. And it is the same everywhere.

Of course Obama is worried about all the leaked information, he knows what him and his spies have been up to. All that has been revealed really put them in danger, one they created themselves.

It took Brazil 30 years to release documents from the dictatorship. The reason is that the country is still run by the same people, or they have agreements with them. The country has been under the leadership of the same political party for 12 years, and you see no difference from the ones before. Still, people, instead of fighting against all these past leaders who done nothing but steal public money, they just turn back to the old party, blinding themselves because it is easier.

Abbott was chosen for, to me, an unknown reason. He has made a fool of himself for years with his spontaneous speeches filled with stupidities to say the least. Watch George W. Bush and you will see no difference. Did Rudd-Gillard-Rudd leadership cause the mess? Or did people really thought that Abbott was harmless even though he always made his points very clear, and none of them seemed to be reasonable.

Some people decided to be blind to what is going on, sometimes because their life seemed good enough for them, or because they believe they will not be affected by the changes, or maybe just because is easier to pretend nothing is happening than to fight for what you believe.

Acts of change are still being restrained. Reporters around the world seem to be best at reporting news for every other country but their own. Police are attacking protesters, political parties are paying for some to disguise among protesters and cause trouble in order to weaken the people.

There is much to do and giving up or watching it happen will not change anything.

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