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We were trying to decide what I was going to talk about next, because as much as I love to talk about food you probably had enough already.

The Hayes Theatre Co was the selected topic, and I am quite happy about it because I learned some things I had no idea. I came across this name a few times this year but all related to the shows that were on, so I didn’t had a clue about the story behind it.

The theatre under that name is new the actual building has a long life history being the home for the Darlinghurst Theatre Company for 12 years.

In 2013 the not-for-profit organization Independent Music Theatre* (IMT), formed by local cabaret and music theatre specialists, created the Hayes Theatre Co to be the home of music theatre and cabaret in Sydney.

The idea needed funding and the group opted out for crowdfunding. The pledge was of AU$25 thousand, and by the end November 2013 they had collect AU$ 37 thousand.

From Hayes Facebook page
From Hayes Facebook page

IMT has been awarded the tender for the venue by the City of Sydney, with a specific remit to provide a home for small-scale musical theatre and cabaret. An intimate experience is what the Hayes Theatre wants to offer by presenting various performances that goes from children’s production to re-imagined classic musicals.

The name ‘Hayes’ is a tribute to Nancye Hayes an Australian actress, singer, dancer, choreographer and director. Nancye began her career in JC Williamson’s production of My Fair Lady in 1961. However, it was the title role in Sweet Charity in 1967 that established her name. An outstanding artist who also starred at Little Night Music, Pippin, Irene, Annie, Chicago, Sweeny Todd and Nine.

It is worth saying that Sweet Charity was on Hayes for about a month with all presentations sold out!

To make sure that its compromise in offering a variety of performances is achieved an artistic panel was created to examine and also encourage submissions for presentation. With all the big Broadway musicals hitting Australian shores this year, the Hayes Theatre is working to complement the musical scene.

Right now you can watch the Drowsy Chaperone, a Musical Within a Comedy, on until April 6. Check out what is coming soon on the Hayes Theatre official page.


*Independent Music Theatre is a collaborative partnership between organisations that currently present or facilitate music theatre, cabaret and small-scale musicals in Sydney and across Australia. The artistic group includes Luckiest Productions: David Campbell, Lisa Campbell and Richard Carroll; Neglected Musicals: Michelle Guthrie; Squabbalogic: Jay James-Moody and Jessica Burns; Neil Gooding Productions: Neil Gooding; and independent producers Michael Huxley and Simone Parrott.

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