The Help after Hayian pledge is on its countdown now for the 100,000 likes with only a few days left.

This is an action created by those who care about the people who suffered from the consequences of the Hayian typhoon. It doesn’t take more than two seconds and you can help them helping many families who lost their homes, their belongings, and their relatives. To make sure the money we plan to raise gets to the destination in full the Help after Hayian appeal coupled with World Vision Australia.

Remember, all you have to do is like the page, and if you don’t mind giving an extra help, sharing would be much appreciated. Why? Well, in order for the Help after Hayian organization achieve their goal it is necessary to have 100,000 page likes. So far the page has just over 14,000, which is pretty good but put them still a bit far from their goal.

How can you help? That is the easiest part, if every person who already liked the page manage to get another 10 likes the 100,000 is achieved, pretty simple right? So let’s get moving cause we only have a few days left.


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