I always dreamed about going to Italy. I remember when I was really young and I used to follow the Italian soccer, I watched this show where they presented this amazing hotel located pretty much inside a mountain. All rooms had a view to the ocean, you could pretty much just jump from the lower ones into the ocean. But that place is still a little bit over what I can afford so no, this was not the place I stayed.

Florence, or Firenze, was where I flew into. Caught the bus to go to Santa Maria Novella train station, first thing I noticed it was how small the streets are, I couldn’t believe that the bus could actually fit, and every turn I thought we were going to hit some walls. Then I saw the first vespa, they do ride vespas, you don’t see any other kind of motorbikes, just vespas.

You may think: “she doesn’t know much about it, of course they ride vespas”, and yes as much as I’d always wish to know Italy I didn’t know much beyond soccer. And it was an amazing experience to realize how every little thing is exactly like in the movies. I remember watching “Letters to Juliet” and wondering if everywhere there had that beautiful architecture, and I don’t know about the whole Italy, but the Tuscan area is definitely beautiful and a must visit place. And I didn’t even go to the most famous touristic places, so it can get better.

Opposite to what I have heard before, the people are lovely and friendly. People will walk pass you in the morning and say “buongiorno” even knowing they never saw you before. They will open their doors for you and they are going to talk to you as if you could understand them.

It was winter and I was lucky to get fog instead of rain, and you think that will suck because you won’t be able to see the small villages from the top of the hills, and yes you will not see much but boy you can take great shots with fog!

When I first went out to see the city I was amazed by how pretty all the brick, stone or rock built houses are. Every piece seems to have been put with so much care to make it look so amazingly beautiful. You won’t see houses painted on the outside with bright strong colors, actually, you will hardly see it painted at all, it is pretty much everything the way it was built. I come from a huge city, a very grey one that even if you paint with bright colors soon the pollution will ruin it all, so it was a first time experience to me in many ways.

The streets are made of stones. All the doors are different and seem to have something particular in each house. And the windows? They are either all shut or open in the exact same way all across the buildings, and they are all exactly the same, wooden made painted mainly in green (sometimes brown) which seems to match perfectly with the bricks.

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