It has been a long time I have not taken care of this page as I wish but this is going to change. For 2014 I am going to try to write at least one post a week and talk about things of my interest, and these things could be anything.

It will be a busy year as I am going to be touring with Opera Australia but it will also be important to share things with you.

For my first post one very important thing that I have been giving my time to with great pleasure.

Almost two months have passed since the Haiyan typhoon hit the central region of the Philippines. Haiyan, or Yolanda as it was named locally, have affected more than 10 million people leaving them homeless and with poor or no access to food, water or shelter.

A group of dedicated concerned Filipino-Australian came together and started the 48 hour relief and fund raised from the grass roots level, to some artists, journalists and writers putting on a show and taking the internet to keep blogging and keeping the story alive. If you want to know more about it go to their Facebook page ( At the moment we are hoping to get 100.000 likes in a 100 days in order to raise $1.000.000 dollars. To know how this is going to work click here.

My friend Michelle Baltazar, a Sydney Filo-Australian journalist, who is from Tacloban, is the drive behind this project. She has made everyone in the community come together to help ie: taking to the streets with fundraising buckets to holding benefit dinners.

With the help of friends, on December 20th we had “Prayer in the Night”, a Christmas celebration with the goal of raise money to help all of those affected by the typhoon. We were lucky to count with the presence of great artists like Georgia Kokkoris and Rhian Elizabeth Saunders, from Pacific Opera; Jiang Hongxin, from Opera Australia; Ian Warwick, from Angel Voices; Bregitte Lahood, from AIM, and maestro Jack Symonds, from the Sydney Chamber Opera.

I also counted with Valerie Tolosa, The Centennial Hotel and The Original Balkan who were the sponsors of the event.

A lot was achieved but I believe we can gather more help in order to send out as much as we can. And the next step is the Typhoon Haiyan Fundraising Concert, a Haiyan Appeal event partnered with Rotary Club-Kellyville. The event will be held at the Burwood RSL club on January 12th and will count with the presence of: Genelle Cross, Criz Guce, Maria Lado, Rie Manaloto, Hannah Natoli, Marlisa Punzalan, Florabelle Pasco, Ana Mateo, Brian Lorenz, Mary May Hapin,  Cleo Diana and myself.

Your presence and support will be much appreciated. The cost is $50; my friends from the Haiyan Appeal were kind enough to do the maths, and that amount converts to around $2,000 pesos, which can buy 50 kilos of rice that could feed 500 families of 4.

Is one afternoon of entertainment that can help thousands. Hope to see you there!

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